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Shaanxi Senbao Power Switch Co., Ltd.

Sales Company:RongheYuntu Center, No. 139, Taibai South Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
Address of Xijing Production Base:Room 702, Xijing Industrial Park, No.3, Dianzi West Street, Yanta District, Xi'an City
Address of Fengdong Production Base:1st Floor, Northwest Innovation Industrial Park, Keyuansan Road, Fengdong New Town, Xi'an City
Tel:029-88224386 13709187842

Company Profile(图1)        Shaanxi Senbao Power Switch Co., Ltd currently has two outdoor high voltage switch production bases and one sales center.

        Address of Xijing Production Base:Xijing International Industrial Park, Dianzisan Road, Yanta District, Xi’an City

        Address of Fengdong Production Base:Northwest Innovation Industrial Park of CASIC, Keyuansan Road, Fengdong New Town, Xi'an City

        Address of the Sales Center:Ronghe Yuntu Center, No. 139, Taibai South Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

        At present, the Company has 120 employees, including 35 engineers and technicians. Covering an area of 2,700m2, its plant has modern production lines and advanced testing equipment, which is the most professional manufacturer in northwest China for the production of outdoor high-voltage switches.

        The Company is engaged in the production of 10KV and 35KV outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, outdoor vacuum load switch, indoor high and low voltage switchgear, and committed to the application and promotion of power system distribution network automation & intelligent distribution measurement and control equipment, scientifically providing more safe and effective protection for the power line.

        The outdoor self-powered integrated vacuum circuit breaker developed by the Company has the characteristics of simple installation and convenient maintenance, which is the first equipment to realize the feeder automation system of power distribution lines. Our Company is committed to building an automatic and intelligent power distribution network and using highly reliable and maintenance-free intelligent switching equipment to meet the needs of urban modernization and the development of villages and towns.

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